“James Waite Law is informative on rental businesses and has great staff to answer questions as needed.”

Shanya Stoddard: Owner, Rental Shop LLC

“As our organization advanced our rental division, James Waite provided a wealth of knowledge and resources in helping establish a solid contract that we felt comfortable with.”

Dalton Driggers, Futch’s Tractor Depot

“I just want thank Nancy Levy and James Waite for doing an outstanding job on my Rental Contract. I don’t think you will find a better place to get a contract drawn up. Not only did they do a great job, but they got it done in a timely manner.”

Justin Harrison: Owner, 5H Rental & Land Management LLC

“Thank you so much to the team over at James Waite Law. After coming highly recommended, I used James Waite Law to draft up a contract for my small business. Organization, transparency, and communication dictated the customer service that I received. Highly recommended! “

Adam Bucco: Owner, Nutmeg Tent

“James Waite and his team are highly professional with great customer service. His knowledge of rental contracts was very helpful as we are new to the rental industry.”

Kaitlyn Elliff: Elliff Rentals

“My experience with James Waite & team was efficient and effective.”

Nathan Pearse: Colorado Party Rentals

“James Waite and his associates have been a blessing to work with. James has a knowledge base in rentals that is unmatched.”

Alexx Bacon: President, Aaberg’s Tool and Equipment Rental and Sales Inc

“James Waite and team have been very helpful, fast and efficient and I would recommend them to anyone seeking help in the rental industry.”

Janine Lamont: Power Equipment Rental

“We would highly recommend James Waite for help and completion of rental contracts. He and his entire staff were very helpful, efficient, knowledgeable, and completed it in a very timely manner for us.”

Elois McNeese: Equipment King LLC

“James and his staff were a pleasure to work with, very professional and know the rental industry better than any other! I would highly recommend their firm for any legal work your business may need.”

Jonathan Fox: Fox Ventures LLC

“We rely on James Waite Law because of their attention to detail, accuracy, and excellent customer service. It is always a pleasure to work with them and we are confident we are always in good hands with Nancy and her team.”

Ashley Kepchar: Creative Director, Atlas Event Rental

“James Waite and his team are very professional, prompt and answered all of our questions. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to update rental contracts.”

Dan & Carol Emert, Owners White Bear Rental, Inc.

“James Waite knows rental contracts better than any attorney I’ve ever worked with.”

Skip Evans – former ARA President and Owner of Zodiac Rentals, Denver, CO

“Thanks for answering all my questions (without all the fancy language). I didn’t know there was so much to it.”

Rudy Kobus-President, Kobus Leasing, Inc., Dallas, TX

“James Waite knows equipment leasing better than any attorney I’ve ever dealt with. I wouldn’t use anybody else.”

Laura Ripple-Vice President, Texas Gulf Rentals, Houston, TX

“James, thank you for a job well done!  All aspects of your services were professional, thorough and timely. Your critical eye for understanding and responding to the unique challenges of the rental industry was exceptional.  The deliverables received exceeded our expectations in every measureable area.  We are eager to share with our partners the quality product and clarity you brought to Main Attractions.  Again, thank you for a job well done!”  

Kevin Bova, Chief Executive Officer, Main Attractions, Edison, NJ

 “Mabey Inc. wanted to establish a damage waiver program and we were referred to James Waite for legal assistance. James was extremely knowledgeable and responsive and helped guide us through the entire process. He was so helpful that I plan to engage him to do additional legal work for our company.”

 Nicholas Yancich,  CFO, Mabey Inc.

 “We appreciate the understanding and insight Mr. Waite has of our industry. He was able to guide us towards better protection of our company, while keeping in mind we want our contracts to be customer- friendly.”

Kimberlee Smith-Grime, Vice President/CFO, Bejac Corporation

 “I would highly recommend Mr. Waite to any company looking for an attorney well-versed in the rental industry. He is widely known as the best in the business. He and his staff were very helpful, knowledgeable, and prompt in answering questions; they returned phone calls and emails immediately. We look forward to using their services again in the future and hope to maintain a continuing relationship with them.”

Liz Bowen-General Counsel, Runyon Companies, Carmel, IN

 “Having a rental contract that covers “our” specific equipment and party inventory written by an experienced “equipment and party” lawyer – gives a peace of mind we could not have gotten from anyone else. Also in both collections and court issues, our contracts back up our position for a favorable outcome for us.”

Brian Grant-Owner and Operator, Grants Rentals, Bridgewater, MA

 “Waite LLC’s work at upgrading my rental contract went very well. I’m glad it’s done and glad I hired Waite to do it! The approach was thorough but did not drag on forever like I was expecting it to. Now I’m confident I’m as prepared as I can be for any situation.”

Willy S-Gap Power Rentals, Gap, PA

 “I talked to James Waite about my legal concerns. He knew the answers and even added some things I hadn’t thought of. Nice guy, very straightforward and doesn’t use a lot of legal mumbo jumbo to explain things.”

Yehuda Klein – Owner and Operator, B&B Rentals, Howell, NJ

 “We love our new contract, it covers things that we were missing. And now that we are covered with the “legalese” of it all, we are a more secure company and we love it. Should have done this long time ago!”

Stephanie Bryant – Office Manager, Joe Rents, Fargo, ND

“After working through the process of revising our rental contracts, I finally feel confident that my company is protected.” “James was a pleasure to work with.”

Philip A Cerminaro – Owner, Industrial Products Limited, New Orleans, LA

 “James Waite and his staff were very helpful in completely revamping our mobile material handling rental agreements. They worked with us for as many rounds of revisions as we requested until we arrived at exactly what we needed.”

 Patrick Koch, H&K Equipment

 “I just finished a rental contract analysis and revision with Attorney James Waite. My expectations were exceeded! James was thorough, very knowledgeable, with a pleasant, easy to talk with style. My contract revision was completed promptly and accurately. I highly recommend James Waite and EquipmentRentalContracts.com to anyone in the equipment rental business.”

Jim Baxter, Owner, East Tennessee Rent-Alls, Inc.

 “I am new to the rental industry and was not very sure if the documentation I had at the time was sufficient enough to ensure the security of my new business. After talking to my insurance agent and telling him about my concern, he quickly, and highly recommended that I contact Mr. Waite to let him draw up contracts for me. After contacting and speaking with Mr. Waite and Ms. Levy it was obvious to see why Mr. Waite was so highly recommended. Mr. Waite is very punctual and knows his contracts like the back of your hand. Any questions or uncertainty that I had they were quick to respond to. There is not a T left uncrossed with his contracts. You get what you pay for, and Mr. Waite’s contracts are without doubt worth every penny if not more. I like to look at his contracts as an affordable insurance policy and a cheap investment in the long run. Hats off to Mr. Waite, and Ms. Levy for their customer service.” 

Dillon Hughes, Owner Only 1 Rentals, LLC Navasota, Texas

 “We would not hesitate to refer people to James Waite.”

Mark Blanchard, Bobcat of New Hampshire

 “Very accommodating and easy to work with. Made the whole process easier than I would have ever thought it could be.”

Dennis Rawley, Valley Implement Sales, Inc. Harrisonburg, VA

 “The whole process with James was very easy because he knew all the questions to ask to make sure we had the correct legal verbiage in our contracts for our State and specific type of business.  Our local attorney does not have this industry knowledge.”

 Connie Miller, President, Walker Miller Equipment Co., Inc.  Orlando, FL

 “Rental Contracts details make all the difference between being vulnerable or protected.  James Waite has a firm grasp on potential threats in our industry and knows how to cover those in written agreements”

Allen McCandless, Commercial Tent Rental and Sales, Limited

 “We have used Mr. Waite for our contract “legalese” because we believe it gives us a better chance to defend ourselves in case of litigation. There are so many t’s to cross and i’s to dot these days you’re better to close possible breaches in your contract language before they occur. Mr. Waite was also helpful in dealing with some other contract language issues we had and was able to resolve those quickly also. “

Alan Zatik-ABC Equipment Rental and Sales, Brunswick Ohio

 “I wanted to take a moment to say “Thank You” to Mr. Waite’s wonderful TEAM of professionals! Going into the Rental Business is certainly a trying endeavor. Without your knowledge and expertise I wouldn’t be as comfortable as I am today that our new rental business will be covered in the event of any legal issues. Working with Mr. Waite was such a pleasure. He patiently answered all of my questions for over an hour to make sure I thoroughly understood all the aspects of our new rental contracts and how each clause would cover us in the event of any legal problems. You’ve definitely won a long term client with your professionalism, knowledge & efficiency!”

April Dehn, Arbor Tech Supply, Remington, VA

 “Our agency worked with James to develop contracts for us to use when selling our Rental Equipment Protection and Certificate Tracking. The rental industry is an area James specializes in so we felt very comfortable working with him. He, and his team, have been so helpful through the writing process and with follow-up. We plan to work with him in the future and recommend him to all of our dealers! Thank you!”
Jayme Bates, JT Bates Insurance Co

Nancy and James were great and so easy to work with. Very prompt. James told me things that I needed to include that I had never included before and totally explained why. He definitely spent his time with me. I would recommend him to everyone even if you have an agreement now.” 

Ken Bernard, Owner, Fun Services, New Orleans, LA

 “We are very satisfied with the contract that we ended up with.  The personal guarantee that we added to the contract may very well enable us to recover a substantial amount of money that we never would have recovered otherwise.  James knew what questions to ask so that we got a tailor written contract specifically designed for our business.”

Jeff Johnstone, President, Party Perfect, Richmond, VA

 “I would like to thank Mr. James Waite and his firm for the professionalism and response given to us at Winchester Equipment Co. We were in need of a rental contract updating and I would not hesitate in recommending Mr. Waite to anyone that may require the same service. I found him to be professional, open, responsive and extremely knowledgeable with respect to the equipment dealer industry.”

Kevin Crosen, Operations Manager, Winchester Equipment Co

 Updating our contracts with James Waite was a satisfying experience! He made separate contracts for both our Party and Tool divisions and I feel much more comfortable with our new contracts.

Doug Haas, President, Crown Equipment Rental Co Inc. and Crown Rental Party Stores.

 I’ve had other attorneys work on my Terms and Conditions before, but after James tightened up all the holes it was apparent he understands the rental industry.  Thanks James!

Phil Gottula-Owner/Founder, Flexx Productions

 “James Waite is an invaluable resource if you are in the rental business. He is not only masterful at creating rental contracts, he spends the necessary time learning about your business to provide unprecedented solutions to the difficult challenges you are facing.”

James Zimbardi, CEO Amusement Park Rentals

  “Thank you and it was a pleasure to work with you and Mr.Waite. Your company is extremely efficient, easy to work with and very accessible. Mr. Waite explains everything clearly, allows time for any questions, and provides the requested information/items very quickly. It’s a pleasure to work with an attorney that understands the rental equipment business which makes the process much easier.”

Chris Quillen, Grand Rental Station, Rehoboth Beach, De

“We contacted Mr. Waite to help with revisions to our rental contract. He was more than helpful with making suggestions and adding provisions our existing contract did not have. He was easily accessible. He also kept me up to date on the progress of the contract. I would highly recommend him for help with legal matters concerning the rental industry.”

Tammy on AVVO 10/28/14

“Mr. Waite did a contract analysis for us at our equipment and party rental store. He showed us the many areas where we could do a better job protecting us from law suits, and we decided to have our legal contract re-done. Mr Waite did it quickly and did an outstanding job. He was able to address our personal areas of concern into the contract as we requested. All in all it was easy for us and we sleep better feeling protected as much as possible in today’s market.”

Ron on AVVO 10/28/14

“James helped me develop a terms and conditions contract for my business. He was very knowledgeable, helpful, listened to my concerns, and created a solid contract to protect me and my business. I would highly recommend him to others.”

Elaina on AVVO 10/28/14

“Through our equipment rental association contacts, I was introduced to Mr. Waite to provide an overview for our rental agreement. Ours was outdated and was in need of updating. Throughout the process, Mr. Waite and his staff were very helpful and responsive to my questions. He was very knowledgeable in my field which greatly helped in understanding my needs. They were very prompt in getting everything done in a timely manner. I highly recommend him for council in any legal matters.”

Daniel on AVVO 10/28/14

“When I heard Attorney Waite on a conference call I immediately called and spoke to him directly. He answered my questions in easy to understand terms – rental talk- and why. There were leaks in our contract that were pointed out and his contract has given me more of a piece of mind and leverage when and if we have to move forward with collection or liability issues.”

Brian on AVVO 10/28/14

“Just what the rental industry needs; coverage, efficiency, timely, responsive, affordable.  James Waite definitely performs.”

Mark Gilbertson, President, Fargo Rentall.

 “Trying to get the rental contract language “legally correct” can be a challenge but James Waite knows the business and gave us exactly what we needed.”

John Roseberry, Sales Manager GS Equipment, Inc.

 “James Waite provided us with customized, robust Rental Documents and helped us streamline our process.”

Rebecca Patrick-VP and CFO, Intermountain Bobcat

We have appreciated working with James Waite and his team.  In our discussions with James, he demonstrated substantial knowledge in rental industry operations which gave us much confidence as we revised and updated our contracts and documentation.

Dale Brown, Partner Owner, Global Machinery Holdings Ltd

James Waite has been a huge help to our company. We are a small tool rental business and James took our cliental situation and customized all of our legal documents to better protect our company. The peace of mind that we are better protected is priceless.”
Wendy Babcock, Murray’s Tool Rental

 “It was a pleasure to work with an attorney who immediately understands the hazards of our rental industry and market.  James Waite and his team was able to advise my organization to a standard far higher than my expectations.”

Jeremy Ahearn, Ahearn Rentals

“Working with James Waite and his staff was a pleasure, Truly Professional. I highly recommend him for all rental folks who need to review their contracts.”

Gunner Mulloy- President GSR Rentals former State President ARA of Washington.

 “We are very satisfied with the services provide by James Waite, it was very fast , hassle free and it looks so much better them our previous rental  contract , we feel very confident with the new contract provide it was worth the money!”

Carolina Carabetti, Rio Event Design

“I was brand new to the rental business just over two years ago.The shop I worked for was a start up with a  standard form contract template  off google. It was just before my second year there started, myself as general manager and the office manager came across Mr. Waite’s info through the A.R.A.  We immediately contacted him and within 2 weeks we had new rental contracts and a rent to own contract. He saved us from what could have been a lot of legal trouble or hurdles with our original contracts.

 Mr. Waite isn’t just knowledgeable in the rental industry as a whole, he taylor makes contracts specific to your state’s laws and your shop needs. I have since left that shop, and when my new employer needed legal advice, my first thought was to refer Mr. Waite. As far as I’m concerned as long as I am in the rental business, he will always be my choice for legal help. “

Jeff Coons, General Rental 

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